About Jane A. Wiley...

fine art photographer

Jane A. Wiley was born in Kittery, Maine and raised in North Carolina by a long line of avid amateur photographers and adventurous women. “I’ll shoot with anything that can make an image --- film, digital, toy, lensless… it all makes me happy and can tell a story in the proper voice.”

Jane is a recent convert to alternative process printing. The combination of images captured on the oft-reviled cell phone camera and the resulting prints created with an historic printing method brings the visual story full circle in the series, Artifacts From My Mother's Home.


These series are on-going. The images presented here are ready for exhibition, but there are other images currently being printed. If you like, you may view all the prints in person.


To purchase prints, inquire about exhibitions, presentations or teaching/workshops, or for scheduling a portraiture session, feel free to contact me directly at